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Welcome to the world of relaxation or as we like to think of them a hug for your tired head and eyes…

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Welcome to the world of relaxation or as we like to think of them a hug for your tired head and eyes…
There are 5 individually wrapped, one use only masks inside each box.
Inside each individual pouch you will find a jasmine infused mask which gently starts to heat up once the oxygen in the air meets it.
Place the mask over your eyes and pop the hoops on the sides of the mask over your ears and sit back, relax and let yourself drift off.

The science behind Spacemasks
The heating process works with tiny iron filings that heat up when they collide with the oxygen molecules in the air.
It is totally safe and has a low level concentration of jasmine so that it does not irritate the skin, it simply relaxes you.

Why try Spacemasks?
Because in the world we now live in trying to find the time to lie back and relax for hours can prove impossible and with the amount of screen time modern life now has our eyes and head are over used making them feel tired and irritated.
These little pouches of relaxation work in just 15-20 minutes so if you are in the office, grabbing a quick siesta, flying from country to country or literally need a little help before a night out all you have to do is find a small pause in your day, use one of these Spacemasks and not only will you have relieved some of that tension that builds up but you will have soothed your eyes and be ready to continue your day where it left off.
All the pouches have a best before date on them but we very much doubt you will have any left once you have tried them.

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5 reviews for Spacemasks

  1. Valerie R

    I love Spacemasks. They are my Sunday night treat. They hug you as soon as you put them on. In an instant this heat comes and engulfs your eyes. It’s so soothing and in a very short time I find myself drifting off with a lovely feeling. Sunday use to be hard to get off to sleep. Not now. I look forward to my Sunday night sleep now. Would really recommend Spacemasks.

  2. Julie P

    Spacemasks… very relaxing… great to have a chill time after work…in the good old days!

  3. Louisa E

    I highly recommend the space masks . The gentle warmth over my eyes was so relaxing and sent me off into a lovely deep sleep.
    I love the selection of sleep wear by cheekfrills .The fabric is super soft, it feels good against the hand and the skin.

  4. Gemma D

    As a mother with 2 young boys my sleep masks are my saviour. The warmth of the mask around the eyes takes the stress and strain away and it really feels like I’ve had a mini face massage. I tend to use them more at night but if I find a sneaky 15 mins I will give myself a little boost…

  5. Judith S

    I think the Space masks are a super destressing and relaxing treat helping you feel better almost instantly if you are tired and in need of some pampering.

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